Mission Statement

Mission Statement



Our mission is to create better living conditions for persons with all forms of disabilities in Zambian communities  through access to health care services, education, and social-economic empowerment .

Our Objectives:

To be an effective empowerment network for persons with disabilities in Zambian communities through positive change.

To promote social and economic support through the provision of basic needs and survival skills.

To provide training to persons with disabilities in agriculture, carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring, pattern design cutting, project management, and entrepreneurship. 

To uplift the standards of persons with disabilities through access to healthcare specialists. 

To train and upskill healthcare professionals. 

To provide training for sign language interpreters. 

To support persons with disabilities, especially those most at risk  -children in need, orphans & vulnerable women. 

To provide additional support to church groups, and youth clubs accommodating persons with disabilities. 

To generate awareness and make the Church more accessible for persons with disabilities through additional training to church leaders and the training of sign language interpreters. 

To protect and advocate for the rights of those with disabilities, including the right to treatment, the right to care and the right to support.